Monday, May 9, 2011

Xbox Update In The Works

The good folks at Joystiq have uncovered some very interesting news. Xbox plans on releasing an update around May 19th! It's great to see Microsoft pushing out new content. The dashboards tend to get a bit stale after a few months, so any change, for me, is usually welcome. 

Some of the content included in the new update is support for the new Xbox Disc Format., which is intended to be the new standard for Xbox Games in late 2011. The new update also enables Paypal for the Xbox, for those without credit cards. 

As well, on May 27th, the new Avatar Kinect will be released. This looks like it could be an interesting, and helpful update. With Netflix, Hulu, Facebook and Twitter now available on the Xbox, I wonder how long it will be until Xbox gives in and gets youtube support.


  1. A new dashboard update? Hmmm. This could be interesting.

  2. I'm really excited.
    They must be loving the PSN crash..

  3. until there is a new JSR game i couldnt care less what xbox does lol

  4. Very glad i choose xbox that day. Almost got ps3, Very happy with my xbox.

  5. Never played a whole lot of xbox, got a ps myself. Thinking of purchasing one though