Monday, May 2, 2011

New Kinect Core Shooter?

Rumor has it that Microsoft Studios in Vancouver is working on a "Core Kinect Shooter". Many fans have been wondering when Microsoft will release a game that will have a core appeal, instead of just general Wii-like games for casual players.

As for details on the game, they haven't been disclosed. I think with all the Kinect Hacks we've seen, everything from Super Mario, to The Sims, to World of Warcraft, it's safe to say that developers could make the future of Kinect a lot brighter.

As a Kinect owner, I am a little disappointed that all of the games that have been released to date are little more than novelty games and mini-games. I can see the potential in the device. As for the games, I will leave it up to the hackers to improve the future of the kinect. Lets hope that some of these hackers soon become developers and show them how to truly unlock some of that kinect power.

What games (genre, spin-offs, or sequels) would you like to see on the Kinect? I would personally like to see  (of course) some FPS games, or some beat-em-ups. Maybe even a casual RPG. There's a million ideas out there, and I'd like to hear some.


  1. I see it being as successful as the wii(as in not at all, really.)

  2. @Pony. I totally agree. I never could get into the Wii. So when the Kinect came out, I wasn't excited at all. I like being able to hold my controller, no wave at it.

  3. I'm with you on the beat'emup style of games for Kinect. Would be amazing! +follow

  4. I agree with you guys. I'm hoping that this will be better than the wii. I leave that to the developers to really draw me in though. I'm not too impressed so far. It's all just novelty.

  5. I have always preferred controllers to motion detection, even sport games like baseball are more fun to me with the solid controller.